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Ecotec Energy are specialists in Solar Thermal systems, with years of experience installing and maintaining the systems we will advise on the best system for you. Not only are we experts in solar energy, our fully trained plumbing and heating specialists will install the system to the highest standards. With fuel costs getting increasingly higher and showing no signs of stopping there couldn't be a better time to invest.


Solar Thermal

Domestic production of hot water in the United Kingdom consumes about 10 to 15% of energy per year. This is produced by heat energy from gas or oil fired boilers, electric immersion heaters and sometimes a combination of the above. The result of this is that millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide are being released into the atmosphere every year. We can help reduce these emissions by using solar energy and go some way to combating climate change.

Domestic hot water heating demand continues all the year round and still needs to be satisfied in the summer months when there is plenty of solar energy available, this makes solar thermal ideal for heating hot water.

For water heating, a typical UK house uses 10kWh of energy per day to heat hot water. This figure can vary considerable from house to house and depending on size and amount hot water used.

The actual amount energy used can be higher, especially in the summer for gas or oil boilers. The older the boiler the least efficient it will be, but for all boilers there efficieny is lower the more frequent they switch on and off. This happens to a greater degree when only heating hot water.

We could attempt to design a solar system that would cater for 100% of the daily hot water requirements in winter, however, the costs would be prohibitive and there would be an excess of hot water production during the summer months, this leads to all sorts of problems.

Therefore, we design the systems to cover almost all of the hot water requirements in the summer months and will use the back-up heat source to provide the shortfall over the rest of the year.

Typically, a well designed system will provide 60% of your hot water requirements.